Life Group Team

The Life Group Team consists of the Life Group Coaches and Life Group Facilitators.  The Life Group Coaches help plan, promote and provide training and encouragement for the Life Group Facilitators. 

Life Group Facilitators assist in leading the small communities where we learn about God, pray, eat, laugh, serve, and live.

  • Life Group Coaches

    The Life Group Coaches are:  Paul Busch, Belinda Wilson and Michael Koli

  • Life Group


    Curious who the Life Group Facilitators are?   

    The Winter/Spring Life Group Catalog is available here.

Register Your Life Group

Life Group facilitators, please register your group here. Information provided will be included in the Semester Catalog. 

The Winter-Spring Semester runs from January 27 through April 20.

Signups begin January 6, 2019.

Hang tight while we prepare your form...